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Sierra Storytelling Festival – Our First Event

Sierra Storytelling Festival – Our First Event

Wow! Our opening weekend was a great success! It was a hard push at the end, but everything came together just in time, and we made it to the festival. The first night we sold about 65 pizzas, most of them were in the space of one hour, and while it was a little hectic, we pulled it all off, and everyone loved it! The second day of the festival we sold out of pizza just as the dinner break was over, and we sold our last piece of pie just before closing up, perfect timing! Sunday was a little more mellow, but still a good solid run, who says you can’t have pizza for brunch? 😉 All told I think we made about 275 pizzas over the weekend, and 15 pies, and we managed to do it all on 4 hours of sleep each night… It was a great crowd, and a great way to kick off The Pie Place!

Here’s a little time line, starting Thursday night. Enjoy the photos!

Thursday - 10pm

Thursday - 10:30pm

Thursday - 11pm

Thursday - 11:45pm

Friday - 8am

Friday 8am - To Do...before noon...

Friday - 9am

Friday 9:30am

Friday 10:30am

Friday - 11am

Friday - 12pm

Friday - 12:30pm

Friday - 1pm

Friday 1:30pm

Friday - 1:30pm - Hitchin' Up!

Friday 1:45pm - Ready to go

Friday 1:45pm

Friday 1:45pm

Friday - 2:30pm - We're here!

Friday - 3pm - Getting Ready

Friday - 3:30pm

Friday - 4pm

Friday - 415pm - pizza crusts ready to go

Friday - 4:30pm - rolling dough

Friday - 5pm - Our first order!

Friday - 5pm - Gordon, our first customer!

And the festival begins!

A crowd gathers

Order Up!

Evening Rush

Mmmm, Salad and Pizza.


evening lights

Peach Strawberry pie!

Our Menu

We used reusable dishes and didn't lose any!

Saturday Night, the word is out!

Home Again...

Time for a nap!